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Apply for Australian Visitor & Tourist Visas

If you want to visit Australia, you will need to apply for a Visitor Visa. There are different classes for the visitor visa. These are:

  • Toursit Stream
  • Family Sponsored Stream
  • Business Stream
  • Frequent Traveller Stream
  • Electronic Traveller Authority

Our office is able to provide you with advice about the criteria for this visa, in particular:

  1. Determining the visitor class you are eligible to apply for;
  2. What type of supporting documents and evidence you should submit to support our application;
  3. Whether you require a family sponsorship or security bond;
  4. The processing times and when you need to do important things like biometrics, medical exams, provide health insurance;
  5. Your rights and the visa conditions while you are in Australia as a visitor.

If you want to find out if you’re eligible for this visa please complete our online enquiry form and our office will contact you shortly to receive tailored and professional advice about your eligibility – submit an enquiry on our contact page.

For information relating to the criteria of this visa, please go to the Department of Home Affair’s website page for Visitor Visa’s