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How to Apply for Australian Other Family Visa

Other Type of Family Visas

There are other visa schemes available to help families re-unite with one another in Australia. If you are not trying to sponsor your partner, child or parent but wish to bring in other relatives you may want to consider the following visa options:

  • Carer Visa – This allows you to sponsor a relative to come and care for an Australian relative with a medical conditions;
  • Remaining Relative Visa – This visa may be suitable for people who are the last remaining member of their family unit who is not an Australian;

If you want to find out if you’re eligible for this visa please complete our free questionnaire and our office will contact you shortly to receive tailored and professional advice about your eligibility – Permanent Visa Questionnaire.

For information relating to the criteria of this visa, please go to the Department of Home Affair’s website page for the offshore Carer Visa, or the Remaining Relative Visa