How to Apply for Australian Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa is for people who are outside Australia at the time they apply and are engaged to their Australian partner. This visa allows you to enter Australia and marry your fiancé within the visa’s nine (9) month validity period.

Once you have been approved this visa and enter Australia and get married within the 9 month period, you are then eligible to apply for the Onshore Partner Visa.

Our office is able to provide you with the advice about the criteria for this visa and in particular:

  1. Whether your relationship status meets the criteria to lodge;
  2. What type of evidence you need to collect to support your relationship;
  3. What type’s of visa’s you can apply for while you wait in order to travel to Australia and spend time with your partner;
  4. Whether you can include children and other dependent family members to the application;
  5. The processing times and when you need to do important things like medical exams and police certificates;

If you want to find out if you’re eligible for this visa please complete our free questionnaire and our office will contact you shortly to receive tailored and professional advice about your eligibility – Partner Visa Questionnaire.

For information relating to the criteria of this visa, please go to the Department of Home Affair’s website page for Prospective Marriage Visa’s