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DIY Visa Application Consulation

If you are planning on preparing and lodging your own visa application, you may want to strongly consider the benefits of having us review your application prior to lodgement. It is important to remember that some visa criteria may be difficult to interpret, and whilst you may be confident that you tick every box, your own research can never outweigh the experience and knowledge of our team.

For some visa’s, the government fees are extremely high (especially when you begin to include your family members) and this means that some people simply cannot afford to engage an immigration lawyer to submit the application on their behalf.

Visa Application Review Service

  1. You meet with one of our experienced immigration lawyers or migration agents to discuss your matter and we decide on the subclass of visa that is most suitable for you;
  2. We provide you with a tailored list of documents you need to collect and advise you about how to begin preparing the application forms (whether online or by paper form);
  3. Once you feel you have prepared everything, we arrange another appointment where we review each and every document you intend on submitting as well as go through all answers on your form;
  4. We provide you with our advice regarding the status of your application and whether documents need to be amended, removed or included and we advise you about what to expect following the lodgement.

This is a fantastic service, for a few reasons:

  1. You can submit your application with the confidence that a professional has reviewed all your documents;
  2. You save costs on engaging a migration lawyer or agent to represent you throughout the processing;
  3. You understand what to expect following the lodgement and can return to us if any issues or requests arise and we have a strong background in your matter already.

If you want to find out more about the ‘do it yourself’ review and the costs, please contact our office.