Applying for Australia’s Travel Exemption

Australia’s extended COVID-19 travel ban commenced in March 2020 as the government faced unprecedented challenges in containing the pandemic.

People with temporary visa’s for Australia who are outside the country must first be approved an exemption of the travel restrictions before they are granted entry into the country.

In order to be granted the travel exemption, you must satisfy the government that your circumstances fit within their list of exemptions.

Most people are applying under two different categories:

  1. They have a critical skill or job that is considered as ‘essential’ and necessary for the medical or other critical sector;
  2. You have compelling and compassionate reasons to travel such as needing to travel due to the death or serious illness of a close family member;

Applications for travel exemptions can be submitted online and all relevant evidence you are relying on must be uploaded at the time you apply. You will be expected to provide evidence of your identity, your current visa, travel itinerary and documents to support the exemption criteria.

While the travel ban has impacted travel around most of the world, it is extremely difficult to predict when the travel restrictions will be lifted or eased. It would be fair to assume that the current travel restrictions will remain in force until the end of 2020.

For further information from the Department’s website or to see a full list of the exemption criteria, you can visit the following page (provide a link to:

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